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EVN Bulgaria

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Company Profile

Elektrorazpredelenie Yug EAD (EP Yug) is the electricity distribution company in South East Bulgaria. Until May 2017, its name was "EVN Bulgaria Elektrorazpredelenie". ЕР Yug holds a license for electricity distribution on a territory of nearly 42,000 sq. km in nine districts: Burgas, Kardzhali, Pazardzhik, Plovdiv, Sliven, Smolyan, Stara Zagora, Haskovo and Yambol.

The scope of company business is operation with the electricity distribution grid, which covers the electric lines and electrical installations at low voltage, medium voltage and parts of high voltage level. Thus is secured the distribution of electrical energy with the purpose of supplying energy to the over 1.7 million customers connected to the grid of EP Yug.

In the function of a system operator EP Yug lays the role of an administrator of the procedure for registration on the free market and for changing the supplier and/or the balancing group coordinator.

EP Yug’s installations
High Voltage (HV) Grid:
EP Yug operates 2.4 km of 110 (kV) overhead and cable line, which has the task to connect the company substations with the high voltage grid, which is property of the state-owned Electricity System Operator (ESO).

Substations: The substations transform the high voltage into medium voltage, thus supplying electric energy to the medium voltage grid. EP Yug is the owner of:
  • three stationary substations: two in Plovdiv and one near Tsaratsovo village, Plovdiv district.
  • two mobile substations: one in Burgas district - “Priseltsi” , and one “Banite” in Smolyan distrct.
Medium Voltage (MV) grid: The medium voltage grid transmits electrical energy with 20 kV voltage from the substations to the transformer stations. The total length of the grid amounts to 24,300 km.

Transformer stations: The transformer stations transform the medium voltage into low voltage, thus supplying energy to the low voltage grid, which is suitable for the mass consumers. EP Yug maintains 14,320 transformer stations.

Low voltage (LV) grid: The low voltage grid transmits electrical energy with voltage of 220 V from the transformer stations to the consumers. The total length of the grid exceeds 37,000 km and includes nearly 25,300 km of overhead lines and over 11,800 km of underground lines.

Company specialists perform daily monitoring and analysis of the loads and the consumption through a dispatching centre operating 24/7. The centre is situated in newly built premises in the city of Plovdiv, that was officially inaugurated on June 24, 2021. A modern system for telecontrol allows the remote control of the grid installations.

Development and maintenance
Each year are scheduled investment and repair projects in EP Yug’s grid with the aim of continuous improvement of the security and continuity of supply of electric energy. The long-term policy is through investments in modern electrical materials and equipment the accidents caused by external factors to be minimised and to affect the least number of customers for the shortest possible period of time.

Elektrorazpredelenie Yug holds three international certificates:
  • a certificate of conformity of the quality management system with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001;
  • a certificate of conformity of the environmental management system with the requirements of ISO 14001;
  • a certificate for conformity of the occupational health and safety management system with BS OHSAS 18001.